A little about me..

All right I have decided to do a “new” bio as the old one was last touched up 2 years ago and since I’m not going to repeat all the same junk I’ll just leave the old one here so you can compare…

I can’t paint…

…But I can steal and rearrange like a champ.  I’m not even going to pretend that I can.  Everything you see here in the paintings section are composites of photos of Hollywood or political iconography and then just stenciling on my own comment or text from personal ads.

I can paint normally but then Nixon wouldn’t quite look like Nixon and so why even pretend at this point?  Where my ability is best used is taking things and mixing them all up into one odd composite.  This is also drawn from my biggest art influences, which are old punk gig flyers and propaganda posters.

I started collecting flyers and plastering them all over my room during the teenage years.  They were souvenirs of many nights out on the town, like a demented scrapbook.   I liked the flyer idea of taking well known people and places and mashing them into advertising for unknown local bands, all done in a hap hazard fashion and photocopied so many times that the image was just a shell of it’s former self.  The only color you would see was if they used color paper in the copier.  It was simple, funny and cool.

I have a short attention span….

…When it comes to art.   At work I’ve spent up to 3 years on the same project but when it comes to the hobby I like to switch around a lot.  I’ve jumped from Day of the Dead, to gas masks to found objects to canvas.  So far the canvas is holding on pretty well but it’s all really a matter of convenience.  You see found objects are cool but you have to find them first and this isn’t as easy as it sounds.  There was a lot more hunting than painting and then what do you do them?  You can’t stack them, they aren’t easy to ship, they require maintenance and the pieces end up being a long time commitment to keep going.  People also tend to bring you more junk than you could ever want all with “I thought you could use this in something…” followed of course by “Did you use that thing yet?” so it’s easier when other people keep their hands out of it.

The canvas is a different story.  It’s cheap, easy to find, easy to ship and easy to paint.  I can also knock them out a lot faster and therefore do more experimenting all of which keeps me more interested.  They’re also easier to store which is a plus as I live in an apartment that’s so small that if you fell over you would hit a wall before you hit the ground – the joys of LA are many.

It all started as a joke…

…and that joke is now 3 years old and still running strong.    Not that I mind, I think it’s great, weird but great.  You see I understand why I have it on my walls but still haven’t understood how it fits into other people’s decor.   So I find it odd that other people want it and that some people have more than one piece.  I’m not sure how it fits into other homes so if you own a piece and it’s up, or even if it’s in the back of your closet, send me a picture and I’ll start a whole section on the site of Craptastic art in peoples homes.  Feel free to put yourselves in the picture so I can what kind of mutants you are also!

It’s not a full time career…

…and it never will be.  Making video games is the full time career, what else are going to do with a geology degree, and I love it.  It’s a very creative process but it’s also a team effort and that’s interesting if nothing else.  The art is good because it’s all me which allows me freedom to explore without a group, which of course sometimes ends up with crap that a group would never have let you do in the first place.

I work with a great bunch of people, I get to travel, I get to yell, I get to have a nemesis, which I highly recommend as an extra challenge for the work day, and I couldn’t think of it being any other way.  Also with the last product, Die Hard Vendetta diehard.sierra.com, I got to drop the first F-bomb in console history so that’s pretty good.

I also cringe when people call me an artist an don’t like doing commissioned work so I’m pretty much down to sabotage this art career before it even starts.

Well that’s about it…

…for now anyhow.  Over the past 3 years I’ve made and sold a lot of art, met a lot of very cool people online doing it and as long as I have this DVD collecting habit I’ll continue to make more bad art than you shake a stick at so stay tuned and thanks for your support.